3-year housing loan interest

Has anybody noticed that the 3-year fixed housing loan interest rate tends to take a dip from the term structure? Well, statistically speaking.

Admittedly, I have never taken an interest on the particular levels of the housing loan interest before I started to sort out the financing for the first apartment that I will have an ownership over. Obviously, when you go to a bank, along with the listed fixed interest over different maturities (you may know it as a binning period), some estimated spreads on each rate would be also presented by your adviser.

With the risk of sounding really uneducated, but um, how are the fixed housing loan interest rates calculated? Not sure if the spread is some sort of moving average assumed from some index rate or some money market rate. Though, some banks do publish their updated fixed rates annually. So what does that mean? That historical loss results are rolling into the calculation for the rates as well, somehow it adds a credit spread in some specific way. But other banks update the listed rates annually, so what does this entail? That different bank have different ways of calculating these rates?

Another thought, given it that these are individually fixed over a pre-specified period. So are they some sort of “swap” rates? We know that these pseudo swap rates are reset periodically, well, probably either monthly or annually against some reference floating rate here plus some spread. I wonder what this reference floating rate is question would be.

Also, the 3-year rate has consistently been the lowest point in the term structure in the past. Well, people are not dumb. Most likely any sane person would fix a significant portion of their housing loan on the 3-year term. So would their adviser suggest them do so. Well, in theory, after people started to exploit this lowest rate point, the invisible hand should somehow be able to navigate the market perception out of this anomaly. But somehow, this has not really happened yet. I wonder if there is some very particular about the 3-year term that everybody seems to know, or is there something inherent causing this phenomenon. Or, perhaps the rates are linked to money market rates, and in comparison, the size of a nation’s new housing loans is, well, quite insignificant compared to the market trading volume on the conjectured money market rate?

Well, I should probably do some background research on that. Stay tuned~

The shocker of today, some guy who is not even 30, had a kid years back and now is going through a divorce. Wow~ What a life. So what have I been doing all these years? I paused for almost a minute, and I had nothing.

Couldn’t commit, so I decided to throw in the towel. The state of actually being in love is non-negotiable here, I believe. But on the other hand, one should probably get to know themselves well enough before ever considering entering another relationship and ruining  other people’s lives, which is exactly I am trying to do right now, figuring my likes and dislikes, just for me. Leveling up the desired skill adequacy in different environments, so that I finally stop feeling like a fraud because I would know things inside and out. Have to admit, sometimes things can take up to years before they finally start to click in your head. Say when you were 17 and you started study economics, some of the stuff or well perhaps most of it just did not leave any imprint in your mind at first. Little did you know that it would have years before all that mumble jumble became an inherent part of you. So one day when you woke up, things just started to make sense in a broader context. You would start to think for yourself, after all these years of studying, restudying of the entry, intermediate and advanced levels of the same exact discipline. Well, I wonder if that is the “fake-it-till-you-make-it” process. Might very well be it. I have never thought I would say this, but suddenly over the fast few days or so, swaps started to make a lot more sense to me even then it did before. Insane, but I like it. As soon as you started building things on your own, all the tiny quirks of the things you were really familiar with started to become even more prominent. You cannot truly understand something but just reading the gist of it. You gotta tear it down and build it back up again all on your own.

I have yet again passed the point of no return at this hour at night. Beyond the age of compromising myself for things or people.

Girls who are individually beautiful,  collectively mind-blowing (funny phrase, also, an actual depiction of the cheerleader effect).

A complex of some sort

Well, when there’s too much to do at work, you socially whine about it, secretly you are happy when you are unhappy at work as long as the content is stimulating enough. But then, when there’s too little, or absolutely nothing material to do at work, you are truly deeply depressed.

You are totally obsessed with perfecting those one-line function- or method-based code for no apparent reason at all. You were head-over-heels about this seemingly mysterious 40-year-old of the opposite sex for no legit explanation at all. However you style your code have very little impact on the execution and end result of it, if the size of input data and elegance are not a concern. And surprise, surprise, you do have a type, the emotionally unavailable kind, it’s mostly like you have a built-in radar for detecting this type of people, drawn to them the way a firefly is drawn to light. This type of unilateral investment is almost not worth it, at the end of the day, however dramatic the entire process is or how deeply you felt hurt, it ALL happened within your own head. Cannot you get a second person to care? Of course not, if you had been able to achieve that, you wouldn’t have to have gone through the logical reasoning struggle or emotional roller coaster to begin with.

Sometimes it is all about boundaries with you, and sometimes you wonder why so few people stay in touch with you if at all. This might be the cynicism talking, but maybe it is time to give up on the idea that somewhere out there there is a missing component of your life that is gonna make you genuinely happy. People, or objects. The idealistic expectation in this mentality is probably too high.

I miss in-house development, truly. Do I still wonder about what would’ve happen had that stubborn little person said yes? I do. What for? Dunno. Or am I just trying to convince myself that it would winding up being just like any other fails I’ve had before. There’s something inherent in me, that simply cannot make relationships work. Acknowledge that and move on, be content with the pseudo semi-happy state you’ve got going on with yourself, and focus on things you can act on, like building a new closet or blindly writing a new package.

I have to get this out of my chest. If someone would consider a bond with two periods of different coupon payment behaviors and slightly lengthy covenants complex, then what would they do with a layer-upon-layer tranche then? Honestly, stating the obvious is about the least nutritious thing one can do. Anyway, time out, this cannot become another complex. Enough is enough. Eyes on the long-term goal.

I like

Pointy-toed shoes

Tartan plaid skirts

Handkerchief dresses

Equipment Femme monotone silk shirts

Tailored blazers

Low-cut ankle boots

Mary Janes in black patent leather with pointy toes

Azure blue, metallic blue, navy blue

Handmade Italian bags in Saffiano leather

Aviator sunglasses

Calvin Klein one summer EDTs

Marc Jacobs Decadence EDP

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium EDP

Handmade Japanese brushes

Avene thermal spring water spray

Cambridge satchels

MiH jeans

Hot pink lipsticks



Pasta carbonara


Functional programming

Number theory


Regular coke

Refrigerated Pink Lady apples


Jimmy Eat World




Green Day

Songs with a longer-than-one-minute interlude

Songs starts with rhythmic bass sound

Avril Lavigne

Raining sound

Bedtime stories

Walden, the book


Elton John’s take on Moon River

Alicia Keys







Things that coexist with living

Now I really thought that I was done with man-children. Apparently, I was wrong.

Fully grown men who are, above all, fake, hypocritical, egocentric, avoiding real conversations at all cost, condescending, constantly pointing fingers without actually achieving or finalizing anything at all.

And guess what, they appear at all ages and in all shapes or forms. That, is the scariest part about it all.

But then again, I guess this is part of living. That you have to coexist with these types of pains. The way how human mind can sometimes be deeply framed is truly staggering. They tend to stay inside of their pre-existing boxes, accept all things as given without giving it a shred of thought, or assume that they know what they thought they knew. Anyway, I decided to keep an open mind, attempt to rewire my brain from time to time, such as, changing up the transfer stops for when I am taking the train (in hopes of finding a local optimum or running into fate). Since I closed all of my emotional exits already, I figured it was acceptable to try to do a little experiment on other aspects of mine.

It really is much easier to define a whole bunch of objects and build stuff from there. But then again, the elegance of vectorized operation is unparalleled in my crazy little head (that no one finds cute). Sort of like my epiphany from what I experienced today.

Side note though, what is up with people who lost their chill or even temper? And what’s up with people who block other people for no good reason at all? Sure, you can decisively stay out of contact, out of sight of some sort, but what is up with the restraining order though? You dislike or hate someone that much that you decided to surgically remove or carve someone out of your life by deliberately putting them on a blacklist? Difficult for me to comprehend, but I think of it as a behavior of immaturity or emotional instability. I could be wrong though. But then again, who is to define what is truly right and vice versa. It is all relativism at the end of the day.

Wonder if I would run into my fate in my long cold emotionless face and trench coat.

A bona fide romantic, I guess I am. Though I have come to the realization that perhaps I fell for the idea of a “nearly” (and hello, define “nearly”) perfect man rather than the man himself. Easy to pseudo analyze things though, much more difficult to emotionally believe so. Either way, safest exit route is to shut your emotions all together. The world is much more than this, and I just need to get over myself.

I played back “Pretty Woman” twice in the past couple of days and finally finally realized something. The movie was really about finding someone that is compatible enough to begin with, and Edward Lewis is a man who can change or at least someone who can change for the person he was willing to change himself for. That, just clicked in my head after all these years. Well, obviously you cannot change a man, so, best bet is that you find someone that you are happy enough with them just being who they are. If you are lucky enough, you could probably slightly alter them or they change themselves up a bit for you. Basically, the type of men in this movie does not exist (at least not in bulk) in real life. An astonishing, yet disappointing discovery on the movie, I have to say.

Remember how Emily Gilmore mentioned that she liked strong male names, Richard, John, Peter, etc. Truly wonder why I am drawn to the opposite of those, the somewhat flaky ones, like Christopher, Eric, Lucas, etc.

Well, enough soul-searching and psyching, night~